Cover design for Vogue Mexico and Vogue Latin America, published for their 20th anniversary in 6 unique editions.

Assistant creative direction and video edit for the launch of a 360 campaign for Costa Brazil, a new sustainable beauty line.

Photography by Sam Rock
Styled by Sara Moonves
Produced by 1500Brazil

Assistant creative direction, ideation for Flesh Beauty, a line of beauty products from Revlon, designed for a wide range of skin tones.

Creative direction and social media curation for a 360 campaign including video and photo for Theory’s FW 2018 collection.

Camera, Edit, and Co-direction by Garrett Frisbey
Choreography and Direction by Kassidy Friend
Styled by Sho Tatsuishi
Featuring Clarissa Dyas, Nicole Maimon, Manuel Mendoza, Jena Noveras

based in Brooklyn